8 Laws to stay healthy


GYM gardening, Aerobic classes, sport for fun


Fruits , nuts grains and vegetables. Consume them in the closest natural state possible. Be organized and creative


Drink 6-8 Glasses of water, avoid tap water

4 types of Rest:

Physical rest, Mind rest, Spiritual rest, Social rest


Early morning air is great before pollution levels rise


Good chemical reactions happen in our body only when exposed to the sun.


Give yourself limits, do not indulge in anything good or bad.


We are spiritual beings, look after your soul. Love is the key

Food Gardening Club:

Every Tuesday 11:30AM – 15:00PM. Message the box on the side of the screen to register.£3 per session.

Topics covered

  • Growing food in the city’s /balcony’s / small lands
  • Different types of soil and rotating the land
  • How to start an allotment & and designing an edible garden
  • How to preserve grown food
  • Easy to grow foods, annuals and perennials

water cress

Ron Finley shows the way to effective creative gardening

Below is a small documentary on how to use space effectively to easily grow food. Starting small is the key.

How to reclaim unused spaces and change the face of a city.