Detox, Anti-Ageing face exfoliate

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Read the back of packets. Reduce the number of chemicals added in your shopping basket.

Anti Aging Face Exfoliate

Ingredients: IMG_4711

2 spoons of Almond oil
4 spoons of gram powder
2 spoons of turmeric
Mix till becomes a paste,

Apply on face for 20min or till dry, then wash face and enjoy the results. The face exfoliate will unblock pores, remove dead unwanted skin cells, detoxifies the face from harsh chemicals, reduces swelling And improves circulation.

God gave us such powerful tools and their simple and affordable.

Reduce foods high in chemicals,  such as processed foods these tend to activate the aging cells.

Tips on younger looking skin

  1. sleep early
  2. drink lots of fruit juices
  3. eat foods that are high in Anti-oxidants
  4. eat lots of fruits
  5. kiwi / papaya/ pineapple are fruits that contain good need for the skin
  6. use natural creams
  7. use cold pressed oils on salads
  8. keep away from fried foods
  9. exercise 1 hour daily
  10. exfoliate the skin every two days (depending on your skin)
  11. use natural  face masks once a week
  12. hemp oil is known for its natural omega oils that help reduce wrinkles, it contains omega 7 which is used in top end anti-wrinkle creams.
  13. smile often
  14. drinking milk activates the aging cells
  15. reduce the amount of meat intake.

Healthy green Detox Juice reduce the aging process

healthy green detox juice