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Benefits of Acai Berry

Aaci berry

20 Times more Antioxidants are found in Acai Berry than Red Wine.

There are fatty acids enclosed by acai berries which offer a health benefit that is considered to be equal to consumption of other nutrients, such as cold pressed olive oil eating acai berry can help increase fiber content, as the berries offer large measures of dietary fiber up to three grams of fiber is found in Acai Berry. Which cleans the colon, and increases the absorption of minerals in the body.

Acai Berry is known for increasing the energy levels in the body, therefore many active mover use aci for its energy properties. The restoration of the muscles is aided with amino acid compound found in the berry as well as the trace minerals present in the acai berry.

Acai berry is to be considered as one of the most healthiest of fruits found in todays world. The rich content of key elements such as Omega fatty acids, Fiber, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1and Vitamin B2.

Acai pulp in glass with fresh mint, strawberry and  banana

Several Tribes in the Amazon survive mainly on Acai Berry,

the nutritional properties of the acai berry are unparalleled. The antioxidant found in the berry assists the body to confine and eradicate the harmful free radicals from the toxins, as a result prevents the development of fatal cancer cells. Phytosterols found in the berry impersonate the natural estrogens found in the human body and aid in reducing inflammation.

Acai Berry has made its name as a well known body cleaner, the immune system is strengthened during the process that the berry is assisting the cleaning process of the body.

Brazil is a renowned country known for its herbal practitioners, many of which use the oil extracted from the acai fruit to cure diarrhea, a infusion made from the roots of the tree is used to treat jaundice and it also induces the formation of new blood cells.

Other known benefits of acai berry are ulcers, fevers, malaria, hepatitis, diabetes, hair loss , jaundice, hemorrhages, liver, kidney, menstrual & muscle pains.menstrual & muscle pains.

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