Common reasons for Women’s hair loss

Portrait of a beautiful female fashion model with curly hair

common reasons for hair loss

  • Pressure Around the world women have to balance work with looking after the family. When the body is under such pressure the male hormone increases in which creates hypersteotosis, One sign is oily hair (DHT increases). Note also that stress can strain a muscle called cranium effecting the blood along with circulation.
  • Dietary considerations the hair follicle is one the most delicate part also the last to feel the affects of vitamin and minerals placed in the body.
  • Excessive use of hairdressing products Frequent or excessive hair dying, hair waving, or long term use of chemical hairdressing products results to pollution caused by chemicals placed on scalp.
  • Heredity Most people think that only men’s hair loss is hereditary. Women’s lineage also has a part to play, all women have very small amount of DHT this is restrained by secretion of female hormones. Note as women grow older secretion in female organs decrease. (Meaning your nana has less hair now, than when she was young).

Hair Care List:

  1. Consider using only natural products
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. STOP eating junk (your hair is the least in your body to receive the goodness from your food , so if you eat junk it will not get any ).
  4. Consider eating foods that are high in nutritional value.
  5. Replace cooking oils with hemp oil ( its known to be very good for hair and skin).
  6. Consider having scalp treatments 1 month.
  7. Use tea tree to get rid of bacteria in the scalp.
  8. Make natural lemon juice and wash your hair to remove dandruff (dandruff is a scalp fungus).
  9. Wear protective hair styles.
  10. Reduce the amount of heat used on hair by 90%.
  11. Reduce the amount of chemicals you place in your hair. (relaxers/ hair dyes/ perms.
  12. Use hair mayonnaise to balance moisture and protein.
  13. Keep your hair moist (spray water on it to stop it from going dry)
  14. Head messages will increase circulation in the scalp.

Adapt and try to find solutions. Only you have the power to live your life. Don’t let it take over your life or start living on your behalf.

Home Made Hair Care Perfume

  • 1 Spray bottle
  • 4 Lavender essential oil
  • 6 Drops of Grapefruit essential oil
  • 300ml Water

Place water and essential oil in spray bottle shake then spray on hair and will leave hair smelling nice for long.

Pregnancy, parturition and menopause. The three conditions can cause imbalances in the female organs resulting in hair loss. If not cared for long term hair problems arise as a result of mental burden after parturition or menopause