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Self Assessment of Breaking Hair!

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Be your own hair Doctor

When hair is  Dry:__  Feels tough, hard, rough, dry, tangly, brittle, or any  of those, you need more moisture in your hair.

Wet or Dry:__ Stretches bit and returns to its normal length without breaking, you are balanced! Stick with maintaining!

When the hair is Wet or Dry:__Stretches, stretches, and then stretches with no  breakage yet, add a bit more protein to your hair.

Wet:__ Feels weak, just like slush,  mushy, or limp, you need to add more protein to your hair.

Wet or Dry:__ Stretches a a bit more then breaks, what you need is  more protein in your hair.

Wet or Dry:__ no stretching, and just snaps or breaks, what you need is, add more the moisture in your hair care.

Uncertain? if you don’t know give your hair more moisture. 

Carrot oil is known to be great for stopping hair loss.

Growing quality hair is the key to long lasting healthy hair.

  • Juice recipes you can help your hair grow health and strengthening the scalp and hair bulb.
  • Shampoos contain dozens of chemicals which can weaken or slow your hair growth.use only natural shampoo.
  • Check your scalp to see if it needs detoxing.
  • Reduce the amount of heat you add on your hair. learn to use protective hair styles.