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How to do a Liver Flush


Always consult your Doctor before you do a cleanse

Pree fast.

5 days prior drink Natural Apple Juice or lemon or grapefruit juice. eat food that’s vegan, and high fiber and try to eat lots of fruit.

1 Day of Flush Avoid taking medicine day of FLUSH if You can. 8:00 AM only have Apple Juice In the morning. you are now juice fasting! and drinking only apple juice ( no other juice), stop drinking apple juice at 11:00 AM. at 2:00PM Mix 5 Tablespoons Epsom salt, in 24 ounces of water, and drink as much as you can.

the more you drink the more your bowels are loose, and begin to run clear. stay close to a toilet at all times, make sure you have easy access to the toilet, as nature will call. At 6PM drink 6 ounces At 8PM finish drinking epsom salt water 10PM drink 1/2 cup Pure Virgin Oil and 3/4 cup of pure lemon juice or pure grape fruit juice and lay down immediately, on Your Right Side, Pull Your right knee up, stay in that position for 20 minutes, then you can sleep like normal.

2 Day of Flush Next Morning 6AM drink 6 ounces of epsom salt & water the more you drink helps to flush the gallstones. so after every time you attend toilet drink a little more.

12PM You can decide if you want to stop the flush or wish to carry on. as the instant you eat any thing the flush will stop. 2PM You can eat some fruit. (any of the three kiwi, pineapple, papaya) 3 PM you can got back to eating as you have just had a clean try to eat lost of fruit and juice vegetables as much as you can.

Try to avoid eating:

  • no non-fiber foods
  • dairy products
  • processed foods ?(vegan processed foods /junk food)

Why do a Liver and gall bladder clean

Gall stones are nothing more than coagulated bile. Bile is the green alkaline liquid , produced by the liver which helps us digest our food. Which among other things helps us digest our food The liver produces about a litre of bile a day and stores it in a muscular sac called the gallbladder.

The gall bladder then squirts  this bile down a tube called the common bile duck. Into the intestines to mix with the food that comes from the stomach.That’s what’s supposed to happened,

But with nutritional deficiency and exposure to certain toxins, the bile thickens! And becomes what is known as biliary sludge. When this biliary sludge forms it makes it very hard for the gall bladder to get the bile into the small intestines.

Its is a bit like squeezing glue through a very very small tube. It is out of this biliary sludge that gall stones are formed! Gall stones and biliary sludge disrupt the normal flow of bile causing three different types of problems.

  1. Not getting enough bile into the intestine
  2. Toxins are unable to leave the body through the bile, back up and accumulate in the liver and blood stream
  3. Unable to into the intestine back washes into the pancreas and liver.

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