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Regulates over 900 functions within the body.

The body contains many organs, but not all as are vital as the liver. The liver happens to be the largest organ the body contains, which regulates over 900 functions within the body.

The liver weight is about 4 pounds, and carries out extremely complex chemical changes within the body. The liver can suffer a tremendous abuse; however there are six main things that the liver cannot cope with.

Six things that harm the Liver

1. Over-eating: this is the perfect way to damage the liver.Depositphotos_22971956_m
2. Eating and drinking wrong things. Certain things we eat gash the liver and poison it.
a. Refined white flour- products
b. Processed foods
c. Junk foods
d. White sugar products
e. Imitation food these are super toxic.
3. High carbohydrate and fat diet.
4. Food poisons: alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, theobromine, hard drugs.
5. Taking medicinal drugs. As the liver has to work overtime in order to try to excrete these dangerous chemicals.
6. Associate closely with insecticides, preservative, cumulative poisons. SOURCE NATURAL REMEDIES