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Tips for Pregnant Woman

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During pregnancy women respond to foods differently when they are pregnant. so always consult your Dr before adding or changing anything in your diet.

Tips for Pregnant Woman

Morning sickness, or nausea and vomiting: ginger ,lemon balm chamomile fennel , peppermint
Itchy skin belly: rube cold pressed olive or coconut oil.
If cramping occurs, push the toes upward and place pressure to the knee, to flatten the affected part.

  • Try different colors in your food ( e.g red tomatoes/ yellow peppers)
  • Eat a variety of raw foods (salads) and  cooked foods ( veg and fruit)
  • Juice vegetables (every day)
  • Walk, do gardening, exercise


Fruits and Greens and their Benefits in the body:

    1. Avocado ( packed with natural protain)
    2. Soursop ( graviola, guanabana, custard apple,packed with nutrients)
    3. Green papaya (packed with enzymes )
    4. Kiwi ( powerful vitamin fruit, cleanse colon )
    5. watermelon (high water content)
    6. Acai berry (used by Brazilians for antioxidant properties)
    7. Goji berry ( reduces anemia , activates white blood cells, alkaline blood)
    8. Amla (strong in vitamin C)
    9. Wheatgrass (its acts like a natural blood transfusion)
    10. Lemon ( alkalines fluids in the body )
    11. Olive leaf tea
    12. lemon balm
    13. Red grapes ( red blood cells)
    14. Clover (blood cleaner)
    15. Moringa (packed with nutrients,)

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Things for you

  • Sleep on time
  • Sleep with windows slightly open ( to allow fresh air in )
  • Sunbath ( during safe hours of the day)
  • Use natural products on your skin, (no cosmetics that can not be eaten)
  • Laugh lots
  • Remain next to positive people
  • Help others, pray for others, volunteer,
  • read the bible, meditate on the blessings God has given you.
  • Forgive everyone who may of done you wrong ( ask God to help you forgive them)
  • look after your spiritual life.
  • Tell others what God has done for you.
  • Reduce white:bread ,pasta, wheat, rice, sugar, any packet foods (processed)

source: Natural remedies encyclopedia

Two olive Trees prays for you to be successful in every area of your life spiritual physical and mentally.  

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