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Better Choices


Simple yet effective suggestions


  • Lemon and liver are lovers!
  • Vitamin K is important for cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Use only cold pressed vegetable oils, no grease (butter, margarine, shortening, meat fat)
  • Drink lots of water (distilled or pure preferred)
  • Food high in potassium is wanted
  • Do not take alcohol, nicotine, fish fowl, meat, table salt , soft drinks, sugar or sugar foods, tea, fried foods.
  • Have lots of bananas, blackstrap molasses, wheat bran, kelp and dulse, prunes.
  • Eat as much raw veg and fruit as you can
  • Do not take too much vitamin A, hence do not eat fish more than twice a fortnight.
  • Avoid cod liver oil. Stop eating fish, meat eating is dangerous to the liver!
  • Never eat raw or uncooked fish, meat or poultry as there is a high risk of infections , bacteria, parasites and viruses.
  • When taking supplements, always drink water.
  • A known fact among natural healers: if the liver is right, cancer can be eliminated.


Educations is the key to good health, the more you know the better choices you make.

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