Tips For Eczema

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Keep control of Eczema do not let it control you

Eczema can be reduced in some cases it has been known o disappear completely.


  1. Keep a diary of what you eat, wear do and the weather. And note down if your eczema inflamed was mild or high or low.  Eventually you will see patterns. 
  2. Consider getting an allergy test. You can discover a lot of information. 
  3. Drink lots of water, Herbals teas also help.
  4. Eat fruits that have a high water content (watermelon, grapefruit ect.) 

Avoid: Healthy Living

  1. Chemicals on skin
  2. Dairy products
  3. Stress
  4. Avoid sweating
  5. Processed foods
  6. Junk foods
  7. Sugars
  8. Artificial sweeteners.

Hot temperatures tend to trigger flair ups. Drink water, when room temperature rises.

Skin Paste to make:

Oat meal paste (using water or almond milk). Neem oil/ Aloe Vera Barbadensis/ Cucumber paste/ Carrot paste

To moisturise skin use:

  1. Almond oil
  2. Cold pressed coconut oil
  3. vitamin E oil 
  4. primrose evening oil
  5. borage flowers oil

Soak your body in:

Bentonite Clay/ Kelp/ Oatmeal/ Epsom salt

Massage your body with:

Castor oil/ Calendula extract /Raw Coconut oil/Avocado Oil

Foods to eat :

Avocado/ Hemp/Chia/ Primrose evening oil (in salads ) or Flax seeds.

Eat lots of salads and fruits. Alkaline diet is known to reduce Eczema. Consult a nutritionist and see what works best for you.

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